Lean | “Heart” change, new journey

Lean | “Heart” change, new journey

A few days ago, the first phase of the company’s lean transformation project summary meeting was held in Aluminum Factory Aluminum. After the summary, the video review lasted 6 months, the evaluation of outstanding topics, the summary of the project team, the awards and other links, bringing everyone into Touched by difficult changes, touched by the hard work of the process, and joy of harvesting results, the company’s general manager Shen Jianguo attended the conference and delivered a speech.

The report of the project team shared the background and goals of the project, the style of the process, and the results achieved. Among them, personal perception and growth impressed everyone:
TPM of Cold Rolling Division-Die change subject improvement: The road to lean starts from the heart, and the improvement starts from me!
PMC blank demand forecast improvement: action is the guarantee!
Improvement of mill hydraulic failure: hard work will bring good results!
Improvement of hot-rolled aluminum shavings: find the right direction to analyze the source of the problem, find the right way to solve the root cause, summarize and share, and improve the overall!

The project summary is even more brilliant, with many results. The words such as improvement of style, hard work, collision of ideas, identity change, tool innovation, full participation, continuous improvement, etc. filled the whole process, and completed the immersion in a lean feast.
Each group also issued new advocacy:
5S team-change your heart, embrace reform, and take the road of lean improvement!
TPM group-true faith-true learning-true doing-true understanding
Leaders value and take the lead
Not coping with the goal
Insist on pushing forward
PMC team-perfect the rules, temper the team, continue to act, make the impossible possible!

The consultants respectively commented on the progress of the project at this stage, expressed recognition for everyone’s efforts and achievements, and also provided valuable opinions for our next plan and direction.

At the meeting, the advanced individuals who had outstanding performance in the lean transformation project, the topic release awards, and the three project teams were respectively commended.

The three project teams also carried out the ceremony of issuing the project responsibility letter to the new project leader, adding a sense of responsibility and courage, lean, only the beginning, not the end! Lean, no difficulty, only challenge!
Finally, President Shen pointed out in his concluding speech that it is necessary to persist in using digital forms to display results, and to drive all employees to actively participate in lean improvement activities on a larger scale, and look forward to greater results in the next issue.

Post time: Dec-10-2020


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